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How Easy Is It To Switch From One Accountant To Another?

The first step is to contact us by your preferred method.

Then take advantage of our free introductory consultation. 

If you decide we are right for you and your business, the next step is to inform your old accountants that you will be making the switch...We can do this for you.

How Much Would Your Old Accountant Charge To Hand This Information Over?

Providing you have paid all outstanding fees raised by your previous accountant, there will be no additional fees.

What If I Have Paid In Advance By Monthly Standing Order?

You can change accountants at any point in time, if you have paid in advance for work not yet completed you can ask for a statement of account to be provided and the accountant should provide you with a refund of the difference to cover the work they have completed but not the work they are yet to complete.

We do all the work while you concentrate on your business

Thinking of changing accountants?

Worried about the transition?

Don't want to tell your current accountants your plan to move on?

Not getting the most tax efficient advice?

Paying too much?

Looking for a more personal touch?

We at FHS Accounting pride ourselves on making the transition run as smooth as possible, we aim to transform the perception of this being a headache, we do all the work for you.



made easy

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